Did You Know?! ...Ink. Come in behind the scenes in my studio

Did You Know?! ...Ink. Come in behind the scenes in my studio

This year I'll be sharing with you some of the how & why behind how I do things here at Ellume Life. Every choice I make in materials & my in making process is focussed on creating a quality, unique product and to meet my goal to use the most sustainable & ethically sourced materials I can find. I figure that there is no point in having lovely things in our homes if people and our planet were not respected in the way they were made- that is a false beauty! We all know now that our consumption is not cost neutral and I want to offer you an alternative that brings life to your home, and protects the planet & the lives of others involved in my production line. So I hope you enjoy diving in with me and getting behind the scenes in my studio and seeing how your homewares are made!

This month I'm looking at the Inks I use for printing my textiles

Ellume Life Inks
I use a top quality, Australian brand of water based inks (Permaset) for printing my textiles.
They have:
  • passed an Oekotex Class 1 standard and some of them are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved for non-organic inputs.
  • No nasties in it like heavy metals, solvents, CFC's HPVC or phthalates These are unfortunately prevalent in most inks & dyes used in fabric for our homewares & clothing and scientific evidence has made clear links with these and several medial disorders (endocrine disrupters, cancer).
  • They can be cleaned up in water (rather than solvents) so the whole process is better for me the maker, you the end user, and the environment.
  • Don't worry- water based doesn't mean it washes out when you wash your textiles!!- I heat fix the ink to the fabric to make it immovable- but more about that next time!

Some of the challenges of using water based inks:

  • They require the extra step of heat curing to make them washable which takes extra time and means extra cost.
  • the inks dry out very quickly in moving air or heat so printing on warm days is quite a challenge & I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for working in warm weather!


I feel like these challenges are worth overcoming so I can:
  1. Create the best quality, long lasting products I can
  2. Support Australian made products in my supply chain
  3. Minimise environmental impact of my products and the health of me the maker
  4. Make textiles that are healthy to have in your home for you the end user! 

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about inks, or, let me know what else you'd like to hear about in my 'behind the scenes' series!

Elwyn x

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